Berlin Central Hostel

Get advantage of the location that offers the Berlin Central Hostel and choose from different room categories.

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Centrally located
Modernly equipped
Private double rooms
4,6 or 8 bed dorm rooms
Bedding included
WiFi internet
Bike rental for an extra fee
Buffet breakfast for a small extra fee

Stay in the centre in a nice hostel without spending a fortune. That is what we offer here.

Berlin Central Hostel features private double rooms or big 4,6 and 8-bed dorm rooms.

Try out a free photobox, make pictures and keep them as a memory. After, start your night in the bar or playing table football before you dive into a nightlife atmosphere of the city.

Recharge your energy with a buffet breakfast that is served until 11 a.m. for a small extra fee.

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