Hamburg 3 Star Hotel

Centrally located design hotel in Hamburg which will save up your budget and provide professional service and comfort.

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Central location
Modern hotel
WiFi internet
Huge variety of room types to choose (hotel room or dormitory)
Gaming area
Guest kitchen

Save up on budget while staying centrally located in comfortable hotel. Sounds impossible? Well, not if you book Hamburg 3 star hotel with us.

Take a metro and get in 4 minutes to Reeperbahn street which is the most famous nightlife street in the whole Hamburg. The hotel provides a fabulous access to many good restaurants and bars all in walking distance.

You can choose a room type according to your preferences, whether you like privacy or spacious shared party rooms for the whole squad this hotel has it!

In case you want to fill the time while some of the lads are still preparing for the night out in their rooms play a round of table football or pool placed in the gaming room.

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