Munich 3 Star Hotel

Enjoy the hostel-ish style of the 3-star hotel in the centre of Munich with beer halls, bars and restaurants nearby.

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Central location
Huge variety of room types to choose (hotel room or dormitory)
WiFi internet
24 hour reception
Private bathroom
Gaming area
Guest kitchen

Get a comfort of the Munich 3 Star Hotel offering standard hotel rooms and 4,5 and 6-bed dormitory rooms. Located near the city centre offers the best ratio between price and quality.

The Munich 3 star Hotel provides comfort and all you may need during your stag weekend. Rooms come with WiFi internet, private bathroom and they’re furnished into modern design. In addition, there is shared guest kitchen or gaming area at your disposal.

Wanna stay in a room with your mates which is bigger than a standard hotel room but still want to get its level of service? If you don’t need fancy high-class hotels then this is what you’re looking for.

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