Amsterdam Karaoke Singing

Take a mic in your hand and get crazy on a stage. Your lads will be your private audience during the Amsterdam Karaoke night.

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Private Hire of the Venue
Thousands of Songs to Choose from
Professional Equipment
Free Welcome Drink

If you ever wanted to try karaoke but you were too shy to sing in front of strangers this is your chance to sing your heart out.

You’ll have reserved a private room just for you and your group. If you still think that you won’t have enough courage there’s a bar to help you to get brave enough.

Pick from thousands of songs and become a star of a stage. In this karaoke bar, you don’t need to wait for ages for your song and pay a fortune for expensive drinks.

The venue is available on the weekends between 6 pm and 9 pm.

Small print

Activity Duration 3 hours
Group Size Minimum 10 people
Venue Central Amsterdam