Amsterdam Red Light Photo Shoot

Get yourselves catchy memories with the Amsterdam Red Light Photo Shoot. Put on sexy costumes and strike a pose.

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Variety of Sexy Outfits, Accessories & Attributes
All Pictures Emailed
Centered Around 5 Group Members or the Whole Group
Free Tea & Coffee
Present for the Stag/Hen

We prepared a totally memorable package for you. The Amsterdam Red Light photo shoot is held in a most famous district of Amsterdam.

The photoshoot is organized in a former window brothel in the Red Light District so the atmosphere is going to be really authentic. As you come in, the host will tell you some stories about the actual brothel.

Put on your sexy costumes, outfits and accessories and strike a pose. You will get your pictures emailed afterwards.

Choose from two packages. The first package takes 30 minutes and the photographer will cooperate just with 5 of you. The second package takes 1 hour and you all will be involved.

Small print

Activity Duration 1/2 or 1 hour
Group Size Minimum 8 people