Athens Bouzoukia Night

If you are looking for an untraditional night out then the Athens Bouzoukia Night is the perfect option for your group.

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Entry to a Traditional Greek Club with Live Music
Reserved Table (Per Each 4 People)
0.7 Liter Bottle of Spirits & Mixers (Per Each 4 People)
Option to Order Food From the Venue

This is the perfect way to get closer to the locals. Listen to their popular music playing live at one of the best traditional Greek clubs, witness them drinking and dancing on tables and perhaps also join in.

Guarantee that you will have premium spots with the best view of all the fun with a reserved table. One table is for 4 people but if your party is bigger we can always reserve several.

You will receive mixers and a bottle of spirits per each four people. This is guaranteed to get you in the right mood for a party. In case you get hungry there is also the option to order food from the venue.

No matter what happens on this wild night out one thing is for sure, the Greeks definitely know how to party.

Small print

Group Size Minimum 8 people