Barcelona Mud Wrestling

Barcelona Mud Wrestling puts your Stag into a pit of chocolate/mud with two gorgeous strippers. Big, messy laughs.

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Two gorgeous bikini girls
A pit of chocolate/mud
Private area in a centrally located bar

Your Barcelona Mud Wrestling experience is held in a private area of a nice, central bar, where your group can grab a beer and enjoy the show. Two stunning stripper performers will strip and then wrestle in a pit of mud/chocolate before dragging the stag in with them and grappling for a few rounds.

The girls do a great job of keeping it light, whilst also – almost always – managing to draw out a touch of misplaced competitiveness from the main man, which of course only makes for bigger laughs for the rest of his watching party.

This is an event that is always popular and always sought after, so if you are going to Barcelona on a busy peak date especially we urge you to give us a bit of notice to ensure availability. Works particularly well in the late afternoon, as a stepping stone to your next big night out.

Small print

Activity Duration 20 minutes
Group Size Minimum 10 people
Seasonality All year
Venue Central
Dress Notes Swimsuit recommended (get him a funny one in advance as surprise :) ).
Extra Info We have a towel & a shower for the Stag. Though shower is not shared with the girls.