Barcelona Roly Poly Stripper

Your Barcelona Roly Poly Stripper is large, funny and uninhibited. She will shock & terrify your Stag before she’s done!

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Strip show featuring a large plus-sized female stripper
Plenty of stag focus

Our Barcelona Roly Poly Stripper puts a lot into her show, and we mean that in every sense of the word. Whilst your Stag may be expecting a Stripper, he won’t be expecting one quite this large to turn up, so half the fun of booking this item is seeing the look on his face as the prank is revealed!

Your rotund performer offers a comical lingerie strip or a topless show. Blindfolding the stag is a good way to kick the show off as he starts it believing he is being adorned by a gorgeous girl, only to realise his predicament once the blindfold comes off…

The Barcelona Roly Poly Stripper can make her way to your hotel, accommodation or restaurant, at a time that suits you. Let us know your plans, and we’ll help fit this item into your schedule for maximum joke effect!

Small print

Activity Duration 20 minutes
Group Size Minimum 5 people
Seasonality All year
Venue City