Barcelona Stripper Extreme

Your Barcelona Stripper Extreme booking guarantees a strip show no-one will forget, least of all the main main himself!

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Private strip show by a female stripper
Dildos and other toys used in performance

Your Barcelona Stripper Extreme booking ensures a red hot and very naughty adult performer, who brings a bag of toys along to help supplement her special show. Perhaps your Stag is expecting a Stripper? He won’t be expecting this one!

Booking this Barcelona Stripper Extreme show involves our girl turning up at a pre-arranged location to do a private and unique show, featuring various toys and dildos, with the Stag himself the main focus. This is a special kind of strip show that is unlike any other.

What you get with this experience is a proven hardcore adult performer who will leave the Stag begging for mercy before she is finished, and at least some of those in your party will no doubt leave the venue afterwards knowing something about anatomy they didn’t previously know!

Our performer can turn up and do her thing wherever is convenient for your party, though keep in mind many bars, hotels or restaurants will not allow such a performance. If you want advice on where best to stage this hardcore but funny prank, let us know and we’ll help you plan it to maximum effect.

Small print

Activity Duration 20 minutes
Group Size Minimum 5 people
Seasonality All year
Venue City