Benidorm BBQ and Drinks

An afternoon of Benidorm BBQ and Drinks is exactly what the group need to go with that sun. Excellent venue.

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Restaurant venue
2 beers each, or a jug of sangria if preferred
Full BBQ

Everyone needs to eat at some point, even on a Stag or Hen weekend, and with that in mind this is a shrewd package choice to help the group fill up and refuel in a nice setting.

It takes place in a good, central restaurant, and it includes BBQ lunch as well as either 2 beers each or a jug of sangria if that is preferred. An economical, tasty and popular meal choice.

The venue is not open on Mondays, but other than that you can book whatever day you wish, subject to availability.

It is held in a charming location that requires no additional taxis or long transfers to get you there.

Small print

Activity Duration 2 hours
Group Size Minimum 6 people
Seasonality All year except Mondays
Venue Central Benidorm