Benidorm Drag Stripper

Our Benidorm Drag Stripper provides a special kind of strip show that may just shock the Stag into temporary silence!

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Private strip show featuring a male stripper in drag

The main man in your party might well be expecting the rest of you to book him a Stripper. Chances are, however, that he will not be expecting a male stripper in drag, which is exactly what this gets you.

The shock and mild discomfort visible on the Stag’s face is entertainment enough for the rest of the group. The fact that he may possibly believe it is a woman for most of the performance will only ramp up the shock factor at the end.

Tell us which night you want to surprise him on, and we’ll make sure our Benidorm Drag Stripper is available. The show is private, and usually takes place after 22:00 but if you give us your broad details and whereabouts, we’ll make some suggestions from there.

Small print

Activity Duration 20 minutes
Group Size Minimum 4 people
Seasonality All year
Venue Central venue