Benidorm Pole Dancing

Try some Benidorm Pole Dancing to learn new skills you never knew you had. Tongue-in-cheek, good humoured group fun.

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Private room
Pole for practising
Water as refreshment

This might not be the first activity that springs to mind on our Benidorm menu, but those brave enough to give it a go tend to leave awesome feedback afterwards.

With this Benidorm Pole Dancing lesson, you get an instructor to put you through your erotic paces, a pole for practising, a spacious private room and plenty of water to refresh you as you put your moves into motion.

Held in a nice, central venue with a private room, this event is arguably at least as much fun for Stags as it is for Hens.

Your instructor will help you learn some audacious moves, and she promises not to laugh at the end result.

Small print

Activity Duration 2 hours
Group Size Minimum 9 people
Seasonality All year
Venue The Square, Central Benidorm