Benidorm Speedboats

Jump in these Benidorm Speedboats and enjoy a few hours on the water with a few drinks. Easy to use, each holds up to 5.

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Private hire of small speedboats
2 hours hire (can be extended to 4 hours if preferred)
Easy to use

Each of these Benidorm Speedboats holds 5 people, and whilst you are welcome to bring your own booze on board, please keep in mind that the driver/skipper is supposed to remain sober.

These vessels are incredibly easy to operate, making them a great choice for any Stag or Hen group. You can book them for 2 or 4 hours, and drivers need to provide ID so bring your passport on the day.

Fuel is part of the price, so you don’t need to pay any extra for that, and the meeting point is Benidorm Port, so again no need for long transfers to get you there.

If your group wish to book a few of these Benidorm Speedboats, please give us a little notice and we will have them ready for you. A highly recommended activity option that groups tend to love.

Small print

Activity Duration 2 or 4 hours
Group Size Minimum 5 people
Seasonality All year
Safety Rules Driver of each boat must remain sober
Payment & Deposit 100 EUR deposit per boat due on the day
Venue Port