Berlin Absinthe Tasting

Have you watched all those crazy party movies starting with just a few shots of the “green fairy”? That’s absinthe liquor.

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2,5 hours absinthe tasting
Small snack
3 different absinthes to sample
English-speaking guide

This well-known green liquor was long time prohibited in many countries due to its ability to get you far away from reality.

But Germany is one of the exceptional countries, where you can taste mysterious but delicious “green magic” legally.

In Berlin Absinthe tasting our experienced guide will tell you legends about a few of the approximately 200 existing absinthe varieties.

Then you will taste 3 different flavors of this unique drink. It is highly recommended for stag parties, as it can reasonably heat you up containing 70% of alcohol.

Small print

Activity Duration 2,5 hours
Group Size Minimum 10 people