Berlin Archery

Build your stag up and compare your reached targets in this friendly Berlin Archery combat.

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2 hours archery
Bows and complete equipment
Briefing by a professional instructor

You will travel to the popular Berlin archery venue with all the modern equipment for this sport like discs, arrow catchers, stands and bows.

Berlin archery is a strictly targeted fancy game, which requires a maximum tolerance and confidence. It may seem easy from the first view but in fact, you have to be extremely precise to shoot at far away targets.

We will provide you with arches of absolute clamping force that are easily operated even by freshmen. You will be assisted by a professional instructor, which will show you the main techniques of the game.

Just hold your breath and catch the pulses of competition flowing!

Small print

Activity Duration 2 hours
Group Size Minimum 10 people
Behaviour Notes Do not drink alcohol on the day prior to your activity