Berlin Beerhall Dinner

Berlin Beerhall Dinner gives you classic German cuisine and a foaming Stein of beer in a friendly, fun stag environment.

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Roasted pork, dumplings, grave and coleslaw as typical main course
1 litre Stein of German beer per person
Table reservation
You can add a guide (optional) if you wish
Venue sometimes features live music
Vegetarian alternatives are available if required

Line those stomachs with some classic German cuisine in a welcoming venue famed for its warm service, its lively atmosphere and its gorgeous beer.

Your Berlin Beerhall Dinner provides the perfect blend of delicious food, awesome cold beer and an authentic German dining experience.

Ideal for any Stag party keen to fill up on tasty food and neck a few Steins of ice-cold German beer before heading on to the bars and clubs afterwards.

Your Berlin Beerhall Dinner takes place at the famous Hofbrauhaus, a lively venue known for good service, great food and happy customers.

Small print

Activity Duration 2-3 hours
Group Size Minimum 6 people
Seasonality All Year
Venue Central