Berlin Bubble Football Outdoor

Group activities don’t get any funnier than Berlin Bubble Football Outdoor. If you get knocked down, keep bouncing back.

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1 hour rental of an outdoor football field
8 PVC zorbing bubbles
Professional instructor

Wearing a huge plastic ball as you try to play football is not conducive to precise passing, but it certainly provides plenty of giggles! Referee, goals and zorbs included.

Pushing is a necessity with Berlin Bubble Football Outdoor, and don’t forget to rotate your substitutes regularly to help everyone avoid nausea and dehydration. Being sick in your zorb is not an option!

Hangovers and Bubble Football can be a lethal combination, so keep making regular substitutions, especially if it’s a hot day! Referee and goals are included. Just roll with it!

Small print

Activity Duration 1 hour
Group Size Minimum 10 people
Venue Outdoor park in central Berlin
Behaviour Notes Please rotate your substitutes regularly to help avoid anyone getting dehydrated or nauseous.