Berlin Car Smash

Unleash your group fury and smash the hell out of a car. Experience how enjoyable vehicle vandalising can be.

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1 car to smash up
Sledgehammers and other tools
Safety equipment
Maximum 3 people on the car at any one time

Grab those sledgehammers and prepare to unleash hell! Berlin Car Smash takes place in a central scrapyard, this unique event gives you a car to smash up as you work up a thirst for the night ahead.

Work out some of that anger and build a thirst for the night ahead. This is a hugely enjoyable and original mix of destruction and delight, letting you loose on a vehicle with an arsenal of lethal weapons to help turn it into a small cube!

Grab those weapons and take out your frustration on the car, smashing the hell out of it as your group takes turns to obliterate the vehicle from existence. Licensed, legal vandalism!

Small print

Activity Duration 1 hour
Venue Central scrapyard.
Behaviour Notes Maximum 3 persons per car at any one time.