Berlin Climbing

Work together to meet Climbing challenges head on in the most popular Berlin climbing high ropes park.

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2, 5 hours climbing
Safety equipment
Professional instructor
15 meters high ropes
Optional BBQ at beach club

Would you like to test your own limits of endurance in a memorable setting? Berlin’s high ropes climbing park offers you 6 different levels of difficulty and height levels.

Climbing challenges involving high ropes offers a stimulating group activity that requires nerves of steel and an attention to detail. Once you arrive to Berlin’s central climbing park, you will receive safety instructions by a professional.

You will be climbing from one platform to another approximately 15 meters high, trying to balance on small climbing bars as you support each other. Crawl, stay sharp of mind, show flexibility and avoid obstacles. This develops team spirit like few other activities.

Berlin’s high ropes climbing park is located near to the very centre and is easily accessible by public transport. You can all compare notes at the beach club afterwards too, if you like.

Small print

Activity Duration Berlin high ropes park is located near the beach club and is easily accessible by public transport. You can also combine your active rest with a pleasant evening at the beach club with BBQ afterwards.
Group Size Minimum 10 people
Seasonality May close during bad winter weather
Safety Rules For safe climbing you have to wear reliable footwear
Travel Time 20 minutes by taxi from Alexanderplatz
Behaviour Notes Do not drink alcohol on the day prior to your activity.