Berlin Escape Room

Become a participant in a classic action movie scenario, try an analogue life experience of getting away from criminals.

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60 minutes of escape game
2 teams playing in battle mode

In the last years, Berlin escape room has become an absolute hit.

Find yourself as a prisoner and try to escape the locked room, where they kidnapped your stag. Amazing chance to use all your logic and brain resources.

There’s the only way out of this room. You will have to team up to survive together. Follow hidden hints, interpret them and explain your ideas to your friends.

Afterwards, draw mutual conclusions and the most important – find out why you are locked in this room at all. The keyword in Berlin escape game is a team, if you manage to team your work up during these 60 minutes – you’ll succeed and receive the long time desired freedom.

Small print

Activity Duration 60 minutes
Group Size 8 participants in each team, minimum 10 people