Berlin Glow Golf

Experience psychedelic way of playing mini golf in a dark room with a glowing decoration during the Berlin Glow Golf session.

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1 round of mini golf in the dark
3D glasses
Welcome guide

You will travel to unique local attraction in the centre of Berlin which is pretty new among all our bachelor party offers.

Berlin Glow Golf takes place in 4 special different rooms, decorated with 3D pictures drew with fluorescent green, blue and red paint. You will be met by our welcome guide in the venue, who will briefly describe the tactics of the game.

Your stag group will play 1 round of glow golf in 3D mysterious room, facing desert, moon landscapes and other fantasy worlds. This incredible blend of art and sport will thrill you and your stag to leave the cosmic impression of the lifetime.

Everyone will receive 3D glasses, which will help to immerse in other incredible reality.