Berlin Indoor Karting

Have you ever imagined yourself as a Formula One driver? Berlin Indoor Karting gives you the perfect opportunity!

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30 minutes of racing per person
Bar and Bistro at venue
Minimum 8 and Maximum 10 karts to race at any one time
6.5 HP powerful go karts
All safety equipment

Compete against your mates on the fastest track in the capital as part of this excellent Berlin indoor karting experience.

You each get a powerful kart to race with on the fastest track in Berlin. Indoor Karting gives you the thrill and the noise of competition in a professional environment.

Everyone drives a thunderous 6,5 HP go kart, which has the ability to gain speed in minimal time. This is perfect for taking the lead at sharp corners and holding off your challengers.

Feel like Lewis Hamilton for the day by overtaking your opponents and maintaining that lead. Have a bite and a drink at the venue afterwards as you recount the highs and lows of your Berlin Indoor Karting experience.

Small print

Activity Duration 1 hour
Group Size Minimum 10 people
Travel Time 20 minutes by taxi from Alexanderplatz
Behaviour Notes Do not drink alcohol on the day prior to your activity