Berlin Paintball Indoor

Shoot your opponents with paint, chase, avoid obstacles and team up with mates during the Berlin Paintball indoor game!

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1,5 hour of game
200 bullets per person
All equipment
Briefing by professional instructor
Barbecue facilities available

Berlin Indoor Paintball is one of the most booked activities for the afternoon among bachelor parties.

You will arrive at the enormous 1,500 square meters play field, which has over 40 air obstacles for the action game.

Before the start, you will receive a short briefing on main paintball principles, held by professional instructor.

In Berlin indoor paintball challenge teams play according to the rotation principle, where 2 teams are playing in the facility alternately. The playfield is equipped with an acoustic buzzing system to inform you about the end of the round. The rabbit costume is included for the bride.

Small print

Activity Duration 2 hours
Group Size Minimum 10 people
Behaviour Notes Do not drink alcohol on the day prior to your activity