Berlin Rage Room

Berlin Rage Room: lash out your energy by crashing, smashing and destroying everything that crosses your way in a real room.

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1 hour of room crashing
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Tired of dummies around, boring job or annoying boss?
Berlin rage room is a place, where all common everyday problems are stepping to a background and are basically melting in the air.

We let you do what you feel during one hour in real-life equipped rooms that represent actual workplace, house or kitchen. We will award you with a heavy hummer to crash as much as you want without any responsibility.

There are various breakable items to demolish in the room like tables, chairs and TVs. But the most favourite among our clients are mannequins and “dummies”. Just pretend they are your real enemies and beat them wholeheartedly!

Trust us there will be no judgement from fellows and no silly excuses are demanded from you. Just try this absolute relief experience.

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