Berlin Rifle Shooting

Kalashnikov rifle, Magnum revolver, Remington shotgun and 9mm pistol combined in this extraordinary multi-package.

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35 shots per person
Shooting range rental
Personalized target
Stand rental
Shooting instructor

Our lovely tour guide will take you to the most popular shooting range in Berlin. Here, after a short introduction on Berlin rifle shooting, you will be able to pick from various weapons.

Everyone will receive 5 shots with Magnum revolver, 10 shots of 9mm pistol, 5 shots with Remington, 5 shots with Kalashnikov and 5 shots with shotgun.

Just take a deep breath, hold yourself and pull the trigger!

After the shooting, you will be able to compare your results on targets.

Small print

Group Size Minimum 10 people
Seasonality All year
Safety Rules Minimum 18 years. Photo ID required
Venue suburban
Travel Time 40 minutes train ride & 5 minutes walk (cost of transport not included)
Behaviour Notes Do not drink alcohol on the day prior to your activity