Berlin Wakeboarding

Try Berlin Wakeboarding during a warm afternoon as the sun goes down and glittering water attracts all wet-activities lovers.

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2 hours of activity
Wakeboard rental
Safety briefing by professional instructor
Leihboard and life jacket

The wakeboarding is a sport, suitable for beginners as well as for professionals, so you don’t have to worry.

As you arrive at the lake area, you will be provided with practical instructions how to use wakeboard. And then just grab your wakeboard and run to master the nature of water.

You will try the activity, which is very similar to snowboarding, including all jumps and manoeuvres, but on water waves.

After the explosion of adrenaline take a few cold drinks at the Beach Bar to accomplish the main goal of the stag – unforgettable fun.

Small print

Activity Duration 3 hours
Group Size Minimum 8 people