Bratislava Bubble Football Outdoor

Get strapped in a giant inflatable body zorb and play classic 5 a side football in a very extraordinary way.

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We offer to add a funny concept to a classic football. Once you start playing it you’ll be caught in a knot, the hilarious huge transparent zorb ball will keep you out of balance every time. And your main struggle will be not with opponents or ball, it will be with your own legs.

Bratislava bubble football outdoor entails 5 people in each team, inflated in a massive bubble.

With two teams of five, both starting at separate ends of the pitch and a football in the middle.

We offer the highest quality body zorbs to make sure you feel both safety and comfort.

Small print

Activity Duration 2-3,5 hours
Group Size Minimum 6 players
Maximum 10 players
Seasonality APR-OCT
Travel Time 15 minutes