Bratislava Indoor Paintball (Public Transport)

Encounter one of the most energizing and team building sports. Shoot your rivals with a paint in Bratislava Indoor Paintball.

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2-2,5 hours paintball game
Automatic paintball rifles rental
Military clothing
Safety equipment
200 paintballs per person
English-speaking guide
Two-way transfer by public transport

You will be travelling with your tour guide to the venue by a public transport. The game place is a rebuilt factory hall, which is perfectly equipped with different barriers and obstacles you’ll be overcoming.

After a crucial safety instructions you’ll receive the total of 200 bullets in order to struggle to eliminate your opponents.

The military costume will be a great addition to the image of Counter-strike warrior.

Small print

Activity Duration 3-3,5 hours
Group Size Minimum 6 people
Seasonality All Year (recommended OCT-MAY)
Travel Time 20-45 minutes