Bratislava Go Karting Outdoor Plus

The powerful go-kart, hot wheels and endorphins. That is your stag team experience of Bratislava Outdoor Go Karting.

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35-40 minutes driving per person
Honda go karts rental
Racing helmets and gloves
1 beer per person
Two-way transfer
English-speaking guide

Our guide will accompany you to the modern outdoor karting track in Austria, which is only 45 minutes from Bratislava city centre.

In Bratislava Outdoor Go Karting package each person will go through 12 minutes of qualification and the 25 minutes race will start.

The feeling of Schumacher has never been so close as when you saddle up the 270 ccm powerful Honda engine. Ready, steady, go!

We always recommend to check and compare our clients’ success on paper targets afterwards.

Small print

Activity Duration 3-4 hours
Group Size Minimum 8 people
Seasonality APR-OCT
Travel Time 45 minutes