Bucharest Absinthe Bar Crawl

Are you into trying something more extraordinary than classic Romanian drinks? Then get ready for a magic Green Fairy party adventure!

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Different bars and pubs
3 shots of absinthe per person
Experienced female guide

Absinthe is a unique anise-flavored spirit that can take you into wonder world just after few shots.

Though it’s forbidden in many countries, in Romania you can discover green magic absolutely legally! And when, if not during your massive Bucharest stag do?

During Bucharest absinthe bar crawl you will be provided with a tour guide, who is really experienced party-goer. She will take you to the best bars and pubs in the city, where they serve high-quality absinthe.

Take shot by shot and share your Green Fairy experience with us after.

Small print

Activity Duration 4 hours
Group Size Minimum 6 people
Seasonality All year
Travel Time 15 minutes