Bucharest Dwarf Hire

Your Bucharest Dwarf Hire provides a little party guy to be tied to your stag for part of the evening. Always popular.

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3 hours' private service of Mr Dwarf
Your dwarf performer will be tied to your stag

Bucharest dwarf or midget hire includes 3 hours in the company of Mr Dwarf. This funny little guy will accompany your stag party anywhere you go, being tied to your stag for the duration. Always a popular item this, so please give us notice to ensure availability!

This item can be for a pub crawl, clubbing or any other activity that you want, pretty much. It is a group price, so the more people in your party, the less each has to pay.

No doubt the stag might be expecting a stripper and/or a wind up of some type. Chances are he won’t be expecting a costumed dwarf to be tied to him for the evening!

With this Bucharest Dwarf Hire item, you are pretty much guaranteeing that no-one in the party will ever forget the trip, least of all the stag himself.

Small print

Activity Duration 3 hours
Group Size Minimum 6 people
Seasonality All year
Behaviour Notes In case of serious mistreatment Mr Dwarf is allowed to leave without refund to clients.