Bucharest Kalashnikov & Friends Shooting

Bucharest Kalashnikov & Friends Shooting with weapons like the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle is an awesome buzz.

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Shooting range rental
Guns rental
12 shots of Glock 9 mm pistol per person
12 shots with Glock Roni 9 mm carbine
10 shots with FN Scar rifle
10 shots with AK-47 assault rifle
Safety equipment
Professional instructor
English-speaking tour guide
Two-way transfer

Our experienced female tour guide will take you to the popular Bucharest shooting range, located not far from the downtown area of the city.

You will receive a short briefing from the professional instructor before the challenge, making sure that all safety measures are adhered to.

Bucharest Kalashnikov & Friends package offers you 4 different weapons to try out. Shoot with Kalashnikov assault rifle, Glock 9 mm pistol, Glock Roni 9 mm carbine and FN Scar rifle.

You will be able to compare your results on targets after the shooting challenge, and anyone who wants to buy extra rounds should ask the guide to sort them out.

Small print

Activity Duration 3 hours
Group Size Minimum 6 people
Seasonality All year
Safety Rules Anyone suspected of being drunk on the day will not be allowed to shoot
Travel Time 40 minutes