Bucharest Rally Driving Plus

Get behind the wheel of powerful rally cars to test your limits during a high-speed Bucharest Rally Driving Plus on a dusty track.

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30 minutes driving per person
10 minutes with front-wheel-drive car
10 minutes with rear-wheel-drive car
10 minutes with all-wheel-drive car
850 meters long rally rack
Safety gear
Professional instructor
English-speaking guide
Two-way transfer

Bucharest Rally Driving Plus package was designed to maximise all possible driving experiences during one single activity.

It’s your chance to ride 3 unique cars 10 minutes with each front-wheel-drive car & rear-wheel-drive car & all-wheel-drive car in a totally masculine activity.

Each of them will undoubtedly increase the level of endorphins in your blood to the maximum and take your breath away.

You will appreciate our 850 m long curvy track with 12 m width and all hairpin bends, wide corners for unforgettable drifting and sliding!