Budapest Escape Room

Budapest Escape Room is an extraordinary chance to use your brain and engage teamwork to get out of the locked room.

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1 hour escape game
Game manager
Round of beers after game
English-speaking tour guide

Test your logic and rational thinking in the thrilling Budapest escape room quest and drown your thirst for adventures!

The best approach in the quest is to be creative, but rational at the same time. Budapest escape room will take place in the downtown venue and you will be accompanied by a lovely female tour guide.

Even if it looks like an ordinary room at a first sight, in reality, it is a total puzzling mystery! Solve tasks, look for hidden keys and pay attention to the clues to break free.

The perfect teamwork, patience and dynamic brainstorming are needed for this game. Hurry up, you will have just 60 minutes to escape!

Small print

Activity Duration 2-3 hours
Group Size Minimum 8 people and maximum 40 people