Cologne Stag Challenge

Challenge your opponents in several men to men disciplines, such as archery, canoeing or climbing to test your stamina.

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3 hours challenge
Different sports depending on weather
2 hours beach club reservation
2 hours big grill and chill BBQ

Our Cologne stag challenge will demand a lot of patience, persistence and strength to undergo all the obstacles in order to end up as a winner.

This package was designed for those who prefer to have a very active and physically devastating evening. But the explosion of endorphins is guaranteed as you perform archery, canoeing, and climbing one after another.

After the exhausting but funny competition, you will be able to chill in a beach lounge with a BBQ buffet.

Moreover, 3 top winners of the stag challenge will be even awarded small prizes. Mind that activities during Cologne stag challenge can vary depending on the weather.

Small print

Activity Duration 5-6 hours
Group Size Minimum 10 people
Venue Suburban