FC St. Pauli Hamburg Football Match Tickets

FC St. Pauli Hamburg Football Match Tickets will guarantee you a high-quality authentic German football experience.

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Tickets to a FC St. Pauli Football Match

FC St. Pauli has had a great journey over the past few years when they shot up from the third highest to the top tier of national football. Now they are back in the second league but there is still a lot to see.

The local sports enthusiasts really go wild for their favorite team. It’s quite likely your group will get carried away by them too. Even if you are not the biggest football fans once you find yourself surrounded by them at the stadium you will truly feel the thrill.

We recommend choosing one of the locally-renowned derbys with HSV Hamburg which always attract the most viewers and stir up emotions like no other match. Find out for yourself who will win this time.

And remember that the best way to enjoy some authentic German football is with a quality chilled German beer in your hand.

Small print

Activity Duration 2,0 - 2,5 hours
Seasonality Based on fixtures from August to May
Venue Millerntor Stadium
Travel Time 15 minutes walk from central Hamburg
Dress Notes Do not wear colors of opposing team
Behaviour Notes Avoid any violent behaviour or anything that may qualified as hooliganism