Hamburg Beer Bike

Catch all the attention on your stag party while you are riding incredible Hamburg Beer Bike and drinking.

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2 hours beer bike rental
10 liters of beer
Professional driver

What can be more common for German stag do than a classic national “sport” called beer biking? This is totally a unique party experience as you ride your own pub on wheels!

All the sights of passersby will be guaranteed amused by your cheerful stag party cycling around.

Hamburg beer bike assumes that the group of your lads help peddle the vehicle, but you can easily keep your hands free, as you will have 10 litres of quality German beer at your disposal.

Don’t hesitate to collect all of your friends for this unforgettable trip, as one Hamburg beer bike can place up to 15 people.

Small print

Activity Duration 2 hours
Group Size Maximum 15 people
Venue Outside the City
Travel Time 25-45 minutes