Hamburg Car Vandalizing

Let the aggression out by smashing and crashing an old German car for the maximum extraordinary fun during your stag do.

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1 hour car vandalizing
1 car for the group of 6-8 people

Have you been looking for a way to let your inner animal break free? Well, you have a unique chance for it in Hamburg!

Embark on an unforgettable adventure called Hamburg car vandalizing, which offers you to smash the car we will provide you with into little pieces.

Grab your hammer or other heavy-duty tools and destroy as much as you can. Everything absolutely legally!

Wreck an old vehicle is also recommended as a unique way to cure a hangover. 100% of the fun is guaranteed, as well as a complete relief.

Small print

Activity Duration 1 hour
Group Size Minimum 10 people
Venue Central
Travel Time 10-15 minutes