Hamburg Handguns Shooting

The Hamburg Handguns Shooting was made for real men who seek excitement during their stag weekend.

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20 bullets each
Pistol .22
Revolver .357 Magnum

If you have never tried to shoot handguns then this is your chance. We know that in every one of you there’s a little boy who always have dreamt of it.

Smell of a gunpowder, flying shells and black silhouettes on paper targets are promising requisites of an exciting afternoon.

You and your mates get 20 bullets each that you will split between a pistol caliber .22 and a revolver caliber .357 magnum.

Who can score a head shot 20 times in a row? And which one of you will get shaky hands? Let’s find out.

Small print

Activity Duration 3 hours
Group Size Minimum 8 people