HSV Hamburg Football Match Tickets

Experience the feeling of top-tier German football live on the stadium with HSV Hamburg Football Match Tickets.

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Tickets to a HSV Hamburg Football Match

HSV Hamburg has won the German national championship six times and is one of the teams that played for the longest time continuously in the top tier of national football. So you are definitely in for a treat!

No matter if you are a big football fan or only watch occasionally the atmosphere at the stadium will not leave you cold. Join the local sports enthusiasts as they cheer on their favorite team. And don’t forget the best way to enjoy top-quality German football is with a freshly chilled German beer in hand.

Whether or not the home team leaves victorious we guarantee that this match will leave a lasting impression on you. Watching football at home will simply never be able to match this unique experience.

Choose a match which best suits your party’s plans and we will try our best to get you the tickets that you want.

Small print

Activity Duration 2,0 - 2,5 hours
Seasonality Based on fixtures from August to May
Venue Volkspark Stadium
Travel Time 35-45 minutes by public transfer from central Hamburg
Dress Notes Do not wear colors of opposing team
Behaviour Notes Avoid any violent behaviour or anything that may qualified as hooliganism