Innsbruck Austrian Meal

The Innsbruck Austrian Meal is a chance to discover the dishes that the locals have been enjoying for centuries.

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Reserved Table At One of the Best Restaurants
A Selection of Austrian Main Dishes to Choose From
One Liter of Stein Beer Per Person
Central Venue

After a long day full of thrilling activities and ahead of a long night out on the town a typical Austrian meal is the perfect way to regain your energy while enjoying tasty food. After all the best way to discover a culture is through its cuisine.

Arrive at one of Innsbruck’s top restaurants where a reserved table will be waiting just for your group. Then choose from the selection of Austrian dishes on the menu.

You can enjoy a roasted pork with dumplings and sauerkraut or a Hungarian goulash in red wine gravy, dumplings and salad. In any case the meal will be accompanied by a one liter Stein beer for each of you.

The location of the restaurant is central so getting there should be no problem for you.

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