Innsbruck Paintball

Split your group into teams and may the best one win in an intense and exciting game of Innsbruck Paintball.

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Access to a Fully Equipped Outdoor Paintball Course
2 Hours of Paintball Action
500 Pellets Per Person
All Equipment

You and your mates will be released onto a fully equipped local paintball course. Then it is up to you to split yourselves up into teams before the two hours of hardcore paintball fun begin.

This is a perfect team-bonding activity since only the team with a great strategy and even better team work will be able to come out victorious in the end.

Each of you will be given all the necessary equipment including overalls and 500 pellets. Will you be able to eliminate the enemy team before you run out?

This is an activity that any guy who once dreamt of being a soldier will appreciate.

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Group Size Minimum 6 people