Private Kiev Chernobyl Tour

Kiev Chernobyl Tour presents a breathtaking and shocking atmosphere of the abandoned tragedy-reminding nuclear places.

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Full-day tour in Chernobyl
Visit of the City Pripyat
Two-way transfer
Professional tour guide

Once you visit Kiev for your stag party, you must take the unique chance to explore horrifying views of Pripyat city, located not far from the third reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Have you heard of all those odd stories about animals that turned into mutants here or weird people that still didn’t leave their radioactive houses?

Well, during this trip our tour guide will take you there and show you the most extreme sights of abandoned schools, ghost kindergartens, park with sinister observation wheel and much more.

Kiev Chernobyl tour isn’t just an excursion – it’s an indescribable thrill and pulsating blood in your veins.

Small print

Activity Duration 9-9,5 hours
Group Size Minimum 6 people
Travel Time 90-105 minutes