Ljubljana Handguns Shooting

Ljubljana Handguns Shooting is a unique opportunity to fire real guns without any shooting licence.

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Professional instructor
Safety briefing
25 bullets
3 different guns
All equipment
Two-way transfer

We know how hard is it to get a shooting experience in the UK and many other countries. Well, if you are planning to come to Slovenia, you are on a good way to fulfil your dream shooting real weapons.

You will fire 3 different guns starting with a small-bore gun, then a 9mm Glock and the last one will be a powerful Magnum revolver.

The venue is a professional shooting range with skilful instructors who are all the time next to you in case you need a little help.

In addition, you can add a shooting with a pump-action shotgun for a small extra cost.

Small print

Group Size Minimum 6 people
Seasonality All year