Prague Escape Room

Prague Escape Room will put your team members together. The activity requires cooperation to get out.

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60 minutes of game
Round of beer
English-speaking guide

A local guide will pick you up at your accommodation address and escort you to the venue. Once you arrive at the venue, you will be locked in a room full of riddles.

Your task will be to solve puzzles and logical riddles to get out of the room in less than 60 minutes. You won’t be alone, you will all have to cooperate.

After you manage to get out, you can enjoy a sweet victory while drinking a round of a premium Czech beer.

Prague Escape Room will test your abilities and entertain you before you hit the streets.

Small print

Activity Duration 1,5 hour
Group Size Minimum 4 people and maximum 16 people
Seasonality All year
Travel Time 15 minutes