Prague Treasure Hunt

Prague Treasure Hunt is an innovative way to see more from the city.
The activity will force you to think and cooperate.

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2-hour treasure hunt
English-speaking guide
Round of beer

Get to know the city in an attractive and competitive way. You will need to cooperate, rely on your orientation skills, think creatively and pay attention to small details around you.

A local guide will be there for you to lead you back on the path in case you get lost. On your way around the city, you will solve puzzles and problems to get to the treasure.

A golden Czech beer will be also a part of a Prague treasure hunt as you feel thirst while solving clues.

See the city in a different way and have fun while solving several tasks.

Small print

Activity Duration 3 hours
Group Size Minimum 8 people
Seasonality All year
Travel Time 30 minutes