Sofia Shooting

Sofia Shooting promises a satisfying buzz from 5 superb guns in a safe environment. Well priced to suit most budgets.

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30 bullets with 5 guns
Professional, local female guide
Private return transfers
Safety equipment
Round of beers after the event

Sofia Shooting gives each of your group a Glock, Heckler & Koch, Makarov, Revolver and Shotgun, plus 30 bullets each to hit your targets with.

Your activity is held in a professional gun club, with safety equipment and instructors on hand to keep things in order as each of you gets to grip with your weapons.

Along with your 5 guns and 30 bullets, private transfers and local English-speaking guide are included, plus a round of beers for afterwards as you compare target sheets.

Small print

Activity Duration 3 hours including transfers
Group Size Minimum 8 people
Seasonality All year
Safety Rules Do not drink alcohol on the day prior to your event.
Venue Outside city centre
Travel Time 30 minutes from city centre