Sofia Stag Arrest

Sofia Stag Arrest is a fake policeman handcuffing the stag on a false charge, leading him to a Stripper instead of jail.

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Arrest of stag by a fake policeman
15 minute strip show
Professional, local, female guide
1 beer each
Can be added to any package
Works best in the evening, when the stag has had a few drinks

Here comes our fake policeman to arrest the stag on a false charge, handcuffing him and leading him to what he believes will be a jail cell, but which turns out to be a Stripper.

This is a funny, tailored prank that works best when the entire group know about it – all apart from the unsuspecting stag, of course. Add it to any package. Works best in evening.

The group price means it doesn’t cost the earth, especially if you have a large group, and everyone gets a beer to quaff while they’re trying not to laugh at the stag’s expense.

Small print

Activity Duration 30 min
Seasonality All year