Vienna VIP Clubbing

The Vienna VIP Clubbing package guarantees that you will feel like the kings of one of the best local nightclubs.

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Pre-Paid VIP Entry to One of Vienna's Top Nightclubs
Reserved Private Table
No Needless Standing In Line
Bottle Service

Do you want to hit the local clubs but are worried there will be too many people? Separate yourself from the crowd with our VIP Clubbing package. Pre-paid VIP entry guarantees that there will be no needless waiting in line.

As you head into the club you will be seated at your private reserved table. Here you can order bottle service to get you in the right mood and get the party going.

No matter if you spend your time at the bar downing shots, at your table taking a break from the crowds or on the dance floor busting out your best moves your whole group is guaranteed to have a blast.