Warsaw Nightclub Tables & Bottles

Add a dash of style and comfort to your Warsaw club booking with some reserved tables and a few bottles of spirits.

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1 bottle of spirits for every 5 people in the group (if 6 people then 2 bottles, etc)
Reserved tables in the club

If you have a bit more in your Stag kitty for the nightclub part of your schedule, we present this tasty little upgrade. Get reserved seats in the club, plus a few bottles of spirits to start you off.

You might only go to Warsaw once, and if you’re going to its best club, you might as well add in some reserved seats and spirits to enhance your clubbing experience.

Having a bit of table service in your Warsaw nightclub adds a touch of class and convenience to your club visit. This upgrade gets you a bottle of spirits per every 5 people in the group.

Small print

Activity Duration Unlimited
Group Size Minimum 6 people
Seasonality All year
Venue Central Warsaw
Dress Notes Smart casual